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The Master of Computer Applications (MCA) Programme of KSB started in the year 2007. Apart from regular academics, we try to mould the students to get placed in reputed companies by expertising the students in real time software product development, offering the sessions to improve inter personal skills and communication abilities. MCA programme of KSB maintains a good track record of university results.

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M.Sc Physics, M. Sc Computer Science, MCA.

Over 31 years of experience in academics.

Area of Interest - Data structure, Linux Algorithms.

B. Sc Electronics, MCA.

Close to 14 years of experience in academics.

Area of Interest - Logic design, Networks, Computer Organisation.

B.Sc Mathematics, MCA.

Over 17 years of experience in academics.

Area of Interest - DBMS, Cloud Computing, Data Mining, Software Engineering, Cryptography, C, C++,Java, Python, MongoDB .

B. Sc Mathematics, MCA.

Over 16 years of experience.

Area of Interest - Advanced Operating systems, Computer Networks, Design and analysis of algorithms, Web data mining.

B. Sc Mathematics, MCA.

Close to 1 year of experience in academics and Over 1 year in industry.

Area of Interest - Data Science and Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptography and Cyber security.

M. Com.

Over 3 years of experience in administration.

BA, M. Li. Sc..

Over 2 years of experience.

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