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Computer Science & Engineering

The department of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) offers both Undergraduate (B.Tech) and Post Graduate (M.Tech) programs. The department of Computer Science & Engineering started B.Tech program in the year 2001 with a sanctioned intake of 60. The M.Tech program was started in the year 2010 with a sanctioned intake of 18 seats. Over the years, the department has consistently fulfilled its role of producing quality computer engineers ready to satisfy the needs of the industry.


  • To be in the frontier of Computer Science and Engineering education in order to produce proficient graduates imbued with moral values committed to fostering a dynamic and progressive community.


  • To strengthen the core competence in Computer Science and Engineering through analytical learning and state of art technologies.
  • To inculcate professional behavior, strong ethical values, lifelong learning and leadership abilities.
  • To promote a culture of research that produces new knowledge and cutting-edge technologies that aid in the society's enduring progress.

Non Teaching Staff
Labs & Facilities

M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering.

Over 8 years of experience.


Over 16 years of Experience in Academics.

Area of Specialisation - Electronic Instrumentation (ECE).

M-Tech in Digital Signal Processing.

Over 15 years of experience in academics.

Area of Specialisation - Integrated Circuits, Secure Communication, Biomedical Engineering, Digital Signal Processing, Analog Communication.

M-Tech CSE.

Over 3 years of experience in academics.

Area of Specialisation - Datamining, Cloud .

MTech in CSE & doing PhD in Big data Analytics.

Over 2.5 year's of experience.

Area of Specialisation - Object Oriented Programming Using Java.

MTech in Computer Science and Engineering..

Over 6 years of experience .

Area of Specialisation - Artificial Intelligence.

MTech in Computer Science and Engineering.

2 years of experience in Software Engineering.

Area of Specialisation - Fullstack Development.

MTech in Artificial Intelligence.

One year of experience in academics.

Area of Specialisation - Data Mining.

MTech in Computer Science & Engineering.

2 Years of experience in Software Development & one year of experience in Academic's .

Area of Specialisation - Artificial Intelligence, Full Stack Development, Natural Language Processing, Block Chain .

Diploma in Computer Hardware and Networking Maintenance .

Over 12 years of experience.

Area of Interest - Networking, Programming.


Over 1 year of Experience .

Area of Specialisation - Technical System Maintenance and Networking .

Web Application Development Lab

Internet Lab

Data Structures Lab


Sl.No Research Researcher Download
1 “Mining user-aware rare STPS and Frequent Events from Social Media” Salmath Amina K P View
2 “Anomaly Detection Scheme for Intelligent Transportation System using RNN-RBM Model” Fahida A K View
3 “ Flexural Characterization of Foam Cored E-Glass Reinforced Smart Materials Using Artificial Neural Network” Manujesh B J , Prajna M R , Sham Aan M P , Majida C V, View


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